Hosting Solutions Features:

POP Email Account

An email account associated with your domain, e.g. Fred Smith could have a POP email account of "fred" which is associated with [email protected]

Email Wildcard

A wildcard associated with an email account allowing for all email addresses not linked to a particular email account will be received via the wildcard, e.g. if [email protected] is not a correct email address, all email sent to this address will be received via the wildcard. Wildcards are suitable for setting up multiple email addresses for your customers, however receiving all email at the same location, e.g. [email protected] [email protected]

X Megs Of Web Space

The amount of web space set aside for a website, e.g. 10 Megs of Web Space.

Web Statistics

Web Statistics are available allowing you to monitor visits to your website, e.g. number of visits per day, most visited webpage within the site and much more.

Site Manager Access

... gives you more control and flexiability over your website when you need a new feature. No need to wait for a tech to create a new email address for your domain do it yourself online and securely. The demonstration We give you total control over your web site. Change anything from your password to adding additional email address's.

FTP Access

FTP provides you with direct access to your hosted website, allowing you to edit the contents of your website as required.

Daily Backup

At a specified time each day, The Host Post will perform a backup of the webserver, ensuring that an upto date copy of your website is available in the unfortunate case of server destruction.

CGI-BIN Access

Form Mail

PERL Access

PERL Script Syntax Validator

Unlimited Page Counters

Monitor and display the number of visits to your individual web pages.

Counter Statistics Monitor

PHP Access

PHP3 Support

Password Protect Directories

The ability to password protect directories allows you to provide access to only specified people to certain areas within the site, e.g. confidential or non-public information.

Customisable Error Pages

Usage of MySQL Database